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  • CV Builder is brilliant!

    CV Builder is brilliant! It's really great to use when you are stuck on what to say or feel stressed and overwhelmed about writing a CV.

  • CV Builder is simple, clear and understandable

    I've used many CV building sites, but this one is simple, clear and understandable.

  • You are guaranteed to get a professional CV

    CV Builder is great for when you don't know where to start and need some help. You are guaranteed to get a professional CV without doing it from scratch.

  • CV Builder gives professional wording

    CV Builder helps give me an idea of the professional wording that a potential employer is looking for.

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CV Builder FAQs

Can I use CV Builder for free?

CV Builder is 100% free for all users. Simply visit and get started today.

Can I build my CV from my smartphone?

Yes, you can use CV Builder from any device, including your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How is my CV sent to me?

Once you've added all your details and you're happy with your CV, we will ask for your email address and your CV will be emailed to you in minutes.

What format will my CV be in?

Your CV will be emailed to you as a PDF.

How do I edit my CV?

Once you've completed your CV, we will automatically create a CV-Library account for you and your login details will be emailed to you. Simply login and edit your CV at any time.

If you already have a CV-Library account your new CV will be added to it, for you to edit at any time.

Can I delete my CV?

Yes, once you've found your ideal job you may wish to remove your CV. You can do so by clicking here and then logging into your CV-Library account. You will then be asked to enter your password again to authorise the deletion.

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