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Can I apply for jobs on Scotland Jobs?

Yes, fully registered candidates can apply directly to all jobs listed on the Scotland Jobs site. If you are a fully registered candidate your CV will already be uploaded, so all you need to add is a cover letter before you submit your application.

Please note: Use the contact details listed with the job, do not phone Scotland Jobs to make an application.

Can I apply for a job without registering my CV?

Yes. Keep an eye out for jobs labelled as Quick Apply. You can apply for these jobs without registering your CV. For all other jobs you will need to register your CV before you can apply.

I can't remember which jobs I've applied for. How do I find out?

Log in to your candidate profile and click 'Job applications'.

Can I track my job applications?

Once you have applied to a job you will receive an automatic email from Scotland Jobs confirming that you have made an application.

If you haven't received any email confirmations or you are unsure that your application was received, please contact the recruiter directly or reapply if necessary.

I have a question about a job vacancy. Who should I contact?

Please contact the recruiter directly. Scotland Jobs has no further information about any of the jobs advertised on the site. The recruiter's contact details can be found at the bottom of the full job description.

Can I apply for the same job twice?

You can apply for the same job more than once; however, we only recommend doing this if absolutely necessary. You will be warned if you are applying for the same job more than once.

How long do the jobs stay on Scotland Jobs for?

Most recruiters will advertise their jobs on Scotland Jobs for 28 days. However, we recommend you apply to jobs as soon as possible as some recruiters will only keep jobs online for 7 days and we wouldn't want you to miss out on the perfect job opportunity.

Why do I need to send a cover letter as well as a CV?

Your cover letter is a valuable document for demonstrating why you are applying to that specific job. CVs tend to be quite general and only relate to a certain industry rather than job. Recruiters will often overlook CVs that are received without a cover letter. You can edit your cover letter before every application you make.

What is a candidate profile?

Use your personal login details to enter your candidate profile. From here you can edit your CV and personal details, review job applications and find job postings saved during previous searches. Registered candidates can also set up Job Alerts, allowing you to have relevant vacancies emailed directly to you.

You can also find links to valuable resources in our candidate area.

Can I apply for a job from abroad?

Unfortunately, Scotland Jobs does not offer this service at the moment. Job applications are restricted to candidates with a UK address and phone number only.

Please note: If there is a contact phone number with the job advert, you could reach them directly and ask about applying from abroad.

I have a question about applying for jobs that is not answered here. What should I do?

You can contact us via the contact page.