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What are Job Alerts

Job Alerts are emails (Jobs by Email) that let you know when new jobs are posted onto Scotland Jobs.

How do I set up Job Alerts?

Scotland Jobs create your first job alerts when you register. These are email alerts (Jobs by Email) and match jobs based on your profile information. You can create new alerts at any time:

  • On Scotland Jobs, login, go to Job Alerts and click 'create new alert'. You can also search for jobs and click 'Get the latest jobs with Job Alerts' button on the results page.

How do I change my Job Alerts?

On Scotland Jobs, go to your Job Alerts area and click 'modify alert' on the one you want to edit.

How often would I receive Job Alerts?

As often as daily. We check for new matches each day and will deliver these to you accordingly. If there are no matches for a particular day, you will not get Job Alerts from Scotland Jobs.

How do I stop Job Alerts?

On Scotland Jobs, go to Job Alerts and set the toggle to 'off'.

Why am I receiving emails about jobs I'm not interested in?

You may receive some jobs that are not of any interest to you. We advise you modify your keywords and/or industry selection until you are receiving the most relevant jobs.

Can I change the email address my Job Alerts get sent to?

Yes. Go to Modify CV and change the 'email address' field.

Please note: This will also change your login credentials.

I have a question about Job Alerts that is not answered here. What should I do?

You can contact us via the contact page.

Are Job Alerts the same as Jobs by Email?

Job Alerts is the umbrella term for Jobs by Email and Saved Searches on our app. We introduced the term Job Alerts to better represent the delivery methods we offer.