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Why should I register my CV on your site?

Over 173,580 UK jobs are advertised on Scotland Jobs from great companies and recruiters. By registering your CV you will be able to search and apply for these jobs and be headhunted by thousands of recruiters.

CV registration is free. All you need to do is fill in the quick registration form and upload the latest version of your CV.

This will immediately increase your chances of finding employment. Thousands of recruiters search through our database of CVs every day.

Please note: Once registered, recruiters will have access to your CV and may contact you directly when recruiting.

How do I register my CV?

Fill in the CV registration form and upload the latest version of your CV.

Please note: if you are doing this from a mobile device, you will need either a Dropbox or GoogleDrive account. Visit Mobile CV Upload Queries for more information.

How do I create a candidate profile?

Once you have registered your CV a candidate profile will automatically be created for you. From here you can search and apply for jobs, modify your CV, edit your details and make the most of the career centre.

I'm a self employed contractor. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Register your CV with us and recruiters will be able to contact you more easily.

Can I use part of, or all of, a pre-prepared CV?

Yes, you can upload your CV using any of the following files: .doc .docx .rtf .txt .pdf .wps and .odt.

Please note: If the formatting looks wrong when you upload your CV, then don't worry, the recruiter will see it in its original format.

Is there a limit to the size of my CV?

No, but we ask you to keep it brief; it doesn't need to be an autobiography.

Which file types do you accept?

We accept all of the following files: .doc .docx .rtf .txt .pdf .wps and .odt.

Can I apply for a job without registering a CV?

No. In order to apply for a job through Scotland Jobs you must register your CV.

What happens if a recruiter is interested in my CV?

The recruiter will contact you directly. We only give details to those who we feel are genuinely looking for employees.

Please note: Make sure all of your contact details are up-to-date to avoid missing out on interviews.

Can I remove my CV?

Yes, once you've found your ideal job you may wish to remove your CV. Log in to the candidate area and click 'Delete CV'.

Please note: When you delete your CV your profile is also removed.

I live outside of The UK. Can I still register my CV on Scotland Jobs?

Scotland Jobs accepts all registrations from the UK, EU and EEA.

Please note: Candidates with a temporary UK address can also register their CV, as long as you have a UK working visa.

I live in the UK or Ireland but I don't have a work permit/visa. Can I still register my CV?

If you do not have a work permit or visa you cannot register your CV with Scotland Jobs.

Why do I have to enter a contact number on the CV registration form?

If recruiters are interested in your CV and think you would be suitable for their job vacancy they will contact you directly. Many prefer to talk to you on the phone initially; this is why we ask for at least one contact number on your registration form.

Why do I have to enter my age on the registration form?

Scotland Jobs collects information on the age of candidates to ensure that our clients can comply with age discrimination laws.

I am relocating soon. Should I put my current address or the location I am moving to?

If you know what your new address will be then enter these details. If not, enter your current address and update your records as soon as you move. You can also tick 'willing to relocate' and search for jobs in any area within the UK.

On the final registration page why do I need to enter 10 key skills?

By entering a maximum of 10 key skills you are helping your CV to appear on different searches that recruiters are making. If you add more variation in your key skills it can help you to appear in more search results.

What are Job Alerts?

Please see the Job Alerts help section.

I tried to register my CV but it says I've already registered. What should I do?

If your email address is already registered with Scotland Jobs, request your password and log in to your profile. You may have registered via one of our other job sites or registered a long time ago and forgotten. If you are still having problems logging in, contact us directly.

Someone else has registered their CV using my details. What should I do?

Please contact Scotland Jobs directly using the contact form and we will remove this profile so you can re-register with your details.

I have a question about registering my CV that is not answered here. What should I do?

You can contact us via the contact page.